WCPSS Student Assignment Proposal

On September 18th, the Wake County Public School System will hear a presentation on the proposed WCPSS student assignment plan for the 2013-14 school year. This proposal was created in response to requests that the school board include base school assignments (meaning school assignments based on home address) in it’s placement policy. The new plan is an attempt to provide a reasonable degree of certainty regarding school placement. The key components of the proposed plan are: student achievement, stability, and proximity. Stability and proximity are part of the effort to assign children to schools within a reasonable distance of their home address; this would also afford prospective residents with a general understanding of their probable base school assignment. One of the key features is to give families predictability in regards to their children’s school assignment path, and to create continuity for individual students as well as families. After the presentation on Tuesday, the Board will review the proposal and comments from the public before moving forward. The hearing will be open to the public, and you may sign up to voice opinions or concerns at several public hearings to be held throughout the district. You may read the directive that prompted the proposal, as well as the schedule of public hearings on the WCPSS website, www.wcpss.net.

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