A Star Is Born!

Being an agent with Coldwell Banker HPW is great, but today’s news made it even greater!  My colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending an awesome meeting with some of the most influential people within our company.  Some of the great speakers we heard were Greg Robbins, Don Walston, Jim Gillespie, Budge Huskey and Dave Rood.  Tremendous announcements were made that will continue to push all of us to succeed, from amazing marketing tools and company goals to market trends and endless training opportunities.  No matter how successful one is, you can never stop learning and adding to that success.  As it was told to us, we are starting to come out of real estate “therapy”: the slowest, most painful part of any recovery process.  The market is heading in a more positive direction and 2013 will hopefully prove to be an awesome year for growth in the real estate industry.  I’m already starting to see bidding wars and multiple offers on listings, which hasn’t existed in years!

I can’t spill all the greatness that’s to come, so you’ll just have to wait and see.  But trust me…you won’t just like it, you’ll love it! 

Download the Coldwell Banker App on your iPhone or Android, save me as your agent and let’s get started with your next real estate transaction.  I’m Ida Terbet and I’m HPW!


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