Fair Nostalgia


While much has changed in the 158 years since the first year of the North Carolina State Fair, many of the nostalgia-inducing sights and sounds are still there. The midway is still full of classically styled rides, like the Ferris wheels and whimsical carousels, holding their ground among the Vortexes and Himalayans of the modern era. The games are still mind-bendingly impossible, and you can still win giant stuffed pandas and ever-hopeful goldfish to take home for the kids. The food is as indulgent as ever; in addition to traditional funnel cakes and candy apples you’ll find fried Oreos and Kool-Aid, as well as the occasional ostrich drumstick. Speaking of indulgent-the guys that guess your weight are still there too, so watch out! Visit the website to see a list of all of the rides, food, and attractions; the Fair will be in town through this Sunday, October 21st, so be sure to head over this weekend!

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