Preparing Your Home For Photos


Preparing Your Home for Photos



Preparing your own home takes time, extra effort, and thorough analysis.  A successful photo presentation of your home will perform an indispensable role when marketing your property online.  There are quite a few ways you can make every corner of your house shine on camera and stand out on each shot.

Start with the front and back exteriors.  Trim all of the shrubs, mow the lawn and remove or “hide” any unnecessary things in the garden like water hoses or gardening tools.  Consider adding plants that bear colorful flowers.  They will add an extra factor on the exterior shots.  Removing dry tree stems and leaves will make the surrounding area look more pleasant, lighter and spacious.  Keep your driveway and entry way free from clutter.  This part of the house should offer a “new” and inviting impression.

The next step is the living room.  Make certain that things are in its proper place.  Remove excess furniture and decorations.  Doing so will result in creating a spacious view.  Tidy up the shelves, clean off dust on tables and on every fixture inside the room.  If at all possible, add paintings somewhere on a wall with light and lively colors soothing to the eyes.  Finally, replace worn out light bulbs in this part of the house to give it full exposure.  Additionally, adjust window fixtures/dressing to provide the best possible natural source of light.

The kitchen must be equally clean and crisp.  Wash off dust on every counter-top.  Make every corner sparkle.  Be crafty with some more kitchen stuffs; keep it in order and in a nice way. Pay attention to the smallest details such as freeing the sink from dirty dishes, keeping the trash empty and cleaning off spots of food on the cabinets and floors.

Every bath room inside the house ought to be kept tidy.  Thoroughly clean the mirrors and glass surfaces.  Towels should be placed neatly on the towel bar.  Remove items that should not be in the bathroom or otherwise distracting.  Close the toilet lids and empty the garbage.

Generally, getting your home prepared for a photo presentation somehow seems stressful.  However, bear in mind that the savvy shopper is shopping the internet.  Your photo presentation can and probably will make the difference in the “initial selection” of the buyers in the market.

What has been presented can be reduced to simply say, “Your home needs to be show room perfect” if you want to have the best selling experience possible.

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