You need a permit for that…!

Most of us rely on our contractors to advise on and obtain any necessary permits when it comes to renovations.  However, whether your are a skilled DIY’er or choose to hire a contractor,  as the Homeowner you are ultimately accountable if the proper permits are not filed.  Here is a list of guidelines, directly from the City of Raleigh Website, to help you determine if your improvement project requires permit.

Here are typical home improvement projects that require City permits and inspections:

  • Construction, additions, remodeling, repairs, replacements, upgrades or any other project over $5,000.
  • Accessory structures such as detached garages, sheds larger than 12 feet and platforms.
  • Any project that involves structural support changes (roof or floor), load-bearing walls, screened porches, decks and balconies.
  • Replacement of a hot water heater, duct running or ventilation.
  • Running of lines or replacement of shower or bath tub enclosures.
  • Projects that require electrical wiring, such as installation of ceiling fans, electrical outlets and overhead lighting.
  • Landscape Irrigation systems.
  • Retaining walls that stand over four feet in height.
  • Interior and exterior fireplaces and fireplace inserts.
  • Skylights.
  • Exterior siding.
  • Fences. 
If you have any questions regarding your project, permits or the application process, contact a City of Raleigh residential plans examiner at 919-996-4200.

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