Congratulations to the Class of 2016!





We are celebrating many new milestones at The Ida Terbet Group!

In May, Jenna Terbet, daughter of Michael and Leslie Terbet and granddaughter of Ida  and Bob Terbet,

graduated from Daycare. 







Then on June 3rd, Ida and Bob Terbet flew to Los Angles, Ca. to watch their grandson, Matt Terbet, 

graduate from Los Gatos High School!    




Sam Davis, the nephew of our very own Tim Davis, 

graduated from 5th grade from Joyner Elementary yesterday. 


And finally, Jessica Sain, daughter of Kelly and Colleen Terbet Sain,

graduated from 8th grade this week!

Kelly and Jessica



Congratulations to the Class of  2016!  We are very proud of all of you!




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