How is Technology Poised to Upend the US Real Estate Industry?

With the growing digitization of literally every aspect of our lives, we see every day how technology makes living easier. We are living in a more connected world and this has changed the way we work, the way we have fun, and also, the way we look for houses.

Every top real estate agent in Raleigh knows that technology has revolutionized the way the real estate industry operates. Below, we take a closer look at the numerous ways in which technology has affected the US real estate industry. 

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are some of the latest technological developments introduced to the top-selling real estate agents Raleigh NC has to offer. These enable potential buyers to experience a property like never before without having to leave their homes. 

By making use of advanced 3D technology and aerial footage, clients can now step into an immersive world where they get to experience the property they are interested in. In other words, this is like a trial before they decide to make a purchase. 

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, we have made many leaps in the field of artificial intelligence, and this has revolutionized many industries, including the real estate industry. Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, simply means the advanced intelligence that machines we use in our daily lives display, such as computers and smartphones. 

For instance, AI enables the best real estate agents in Raleigh to be more productive and efficient in what they do by powering chatbots to hold human-like conversations with clients who may have queries about a certain property, a certain location, the condition of the housing market, or the house-buying process in general. 

Apart from chatbots, AI also helps streamline many work operations and processes of real estate agents by sifting through large amounts of data, analyzing such data, and providing valuable insights, etc. 

Smartphones and Internet 

Almost everyone today has a smartphone and an internet connection. Nowadays, having a smartphone and an internet connection seems to be more of a necessity than a luxury, especially if you live in an urban area. These internet-connected devices have made the real estate market much more easily accessible. 

With websites and apps solely for real estate and housing, searching for a house to buy and getting in touch with the best real estate agents Raleigh NC has to offer is not a difficult task anymore. 

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology is relatively new but is making huge waves across industries. It is best known as the technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrencies to be decentralized and enables peer-to-peer transactions, which means that there is no need for banks and other middlemen or any kind of authority. Many sellers today are accepting payments for real estate in cryptocurrencies because of the many advantages that these digital currencies hold. This trend is especially common among luxury real estates. 

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