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What Are the Warning Signs to Look for While Buying A Home?

Buying a home is a huge decision. There are so many things to take care of, from getting your loan preapproved to finding the best real estate agent in Raleigh to help you. But once you have made an offer on your dream house, it is vital to look for warning signs before you make the purchase. The top selling real estate agents Raleigh NC suggest hiring an inspector, but you can do the initial screening and hire an inspector for a better result.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

As per the best real estate agents Raleigh, some of the signs to look out for include the following-

Cracks and Tilts 

Look out for exterior cracks and tilts as they can cost you a fortune in repairs. Most sellers concentrate on making the interiors look flawless and beautiful. If your eyes doubt the exterior walls, ask the inspector to get a closer look.

Ownership History

Check out the ownership history as a home with a high turnover may give you something to worry about. Some real estate agents Raleigh may be able to help you! Ownership history is a serious warning sign to consider as you may uncover several uncanny secrets after possession, and it would be too late to say ‘No!’ You never know how much you may end up spending to cover up your mistake.

Water Damage and Mold 

If the paint is new, then it only means that you need to dig deeper to check whether it is concealing any damage, especially water damage. Water damage traps moisture in the walls that may lead to mold and may further increase expense in repairs. You will find water damage and mold even under the sink and drawers in the kitchen, toilets, and base of the tubs.

The Marble Test

The top real estate agent in Raleigh suggests doing the marble test to check for bouncy or uneven floors, especially if you are looking at older houses to buy. Simply place the marble in different areas of the floor in each room of the house. The marble will move in case the floor is uneven. Fixing a floor can cost you a fortune as sometimes, the foundation work may also need to be corrected.

Room Fresheners are a Sign

If you are welcomed with a tantalizing fragrance as soon as you enter a house, it is a sign that the seller is trying to hide a stink. The stink could be caused by sewage, leaking pipes, mold, animal excrete, or may be emanating from outside.

Music May Not be Entertainment

Beware, if music is being played while you give the site a visit as the seller may be trying to silence or mask some other sounds such as the fan, air conditioning, heater, or even some sound from the streets outside. The best real estate agent Raleigh suggests requesting the music to be turned off during a visit.

Do Not Waive the Inspection

Top real estate agents Raleigh believe that many sellers offer incentives to waive off inspection, and these incentives are quite high. They suggest rejecting such an offer, as sellers do not want their property to be inspected only when they have something big to hide.

Top real estate agents Raleigh NC believe that there are many other things to look into, such as building records, permits, spray-painted hedges, plumbing, insulation, and so on. A building inspector will be of great help, but initial checking to determine whether the house is worthy of investment can be done by you.

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