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How to Use Photos in Your Listing to Sell Faster

We have all heard of the phrase, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ It is no secret that when you are you are preparing to sell your home, listing attractive pictures could increase your selling potential. Most of the top real estate agents in Raleigh find that listings with pictures attract more attention and do not remain on the market for long. How can you use photos in your listing to speak a thousand words for you?

Here are some tips from the best real estate agent in Raleigh that will ensure that you can sell your home by listing photos of the property.

Eliminate the Distractions

What would you rather see? A photo of a room with things lying around, or a room that is neatly arranged? Clutter distracts the viewer away from the main features of the home. To ensure that your photos stand out, you must declutter your home before taking the pictures. The best real estate agent Raleigh suggests renting a temporary storage unit to store all the extras until the house is sold. 

Stage the Home Ideally

Staging a home before taking pictures is an investment that offers great returns. The best way to stage a home is to depersonalize the space by removing personal items such as photo frames before taking the pictures. You can rearrange the pictures, add some fresh flowers, add fresh paint, and other touches to your home. Make sure that you use light colors on the walls as it reflects light, making the room look brighter.

Look for a Professional Photographer

Top selling real estate agents Raleigh NC suggest seeking help from professional photographers as their talent can make all the difference while attracting buyers. Also, high-quality pictures can win over buyers better than photos taken from low-grade cameras or mobile phones. If you can’t hire a professional, make sure that you shoot the photos from the corner of the room as it will make the room look larger. 

Emphasize Natural Light

As per some of the top real estate agents Raleigh NC, most of the photos listed by homeowners are dark and hide the best features of the house. Additionally, potential buyers refuse to consider these homes as they find that the home lacks natural light. When you take photos, make sure that you emphasize on natural light.

Show the Best Features

Have you recently invested in updating the kitchen? Or how about the bathroom? Do you have an attractive patio? What is the best feature of your bedroom? As per the top real estate agent Raleigh, listing the best features of the home helps to sell the property faster. Let your real estate agent access your property to find its best features before the photoshoot.

List the Right Number of Pictures

Too many photos can be overwhelming for the buyers while too little makes them wonder if you are hiding something. You must be selective of the photos you post, such that it leaves the buyer wanting for more. Choose the best photos that have the potential to sell and list only those pictures.

If you have sought help from a real estate agent in Raleigh in listing photos of your home, then get ready to move. Your home won’t stay in the market for long!

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