The Journey to Adoption


As we all prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, many of us are thankful for our families. BJ and Trey Lanza-Church are trying to start theirs.

BJ and Trey have known since early in their relationship that they were meant to be. After meeting through mutual friends, they married in 2012 and moved to Apex, NC, in 2013 to pursue a job opportunity, be close to family, and find a place to settle down and start their family. They began with three dogs and have now started their journey to adopting a child.

Trey is a corporate recruiter, and BJ is a real estate agent with the Ida Terbet Group, which allows him a flexible schedule so that he can be home with their child. The couple is surrounded by a large support system of family, friends, and neighbors who are incredibly important to them. They enjoy frequenting their family beach house, playing board games, and working on puzzles.

“Trey continues to make me a better person each day with his encouragement and support,” said BJ. “Trey will be a wonderful dad and always put our child’s needs before his own. He is very intelligent, has a great deal of integrity and will be a fantastic role model for our child.” According the Trey, “BJ is a very compassionate and caring person. He is the glue that holds all the extended family together and to him, nothing is more important than family. He is always there to lend a helping hand to everyone and is the person everyone turns to for advice and help.”

BJ and Trey want to have an open adoption, incorporating the mother into their child’s life. “It is important to us that our child knows their roots and the tremendous act of generosity that placed them in our family,” the couple said. “We promise to always parent our child with unconditional love and provide a safe nurturing environment through all the good and bad times.”

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