What Are the Features That Define a Luxury Home?

Ask any top real estate agent in Raleigh the definition of a luxury home, and you will get different answers. Every person has a different perception of luxury, and their definition changes as per their experience. While to some people, lavish features and rich interiors make a house a luxury home, to others it is a nature-friendly environment and modern architecture.

As per the top-selling real estate agents Raleigh NC, the following are the features that define a luxury home.

Home Security System

Luxury homes attract a lot of unwanted attention, and a home security system becomes an essential part of the property. The best real estate agent in Raleigh offers an exceptional home security system to all luxury homes that come under their listing. 

Smart Home Features

Without cutting-edge smart home features, a luxury home is incomplete. It is a selling point that is widely described by several top real estate agents in Raleigh as a ‘must-have’ feature for a property to be defined as a luxury. 

Chef’s Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen is the best way to add value to a home. A luxury home is no different, as a chef’s style kitchen is one of the standard features that add more value. It must also have a dining space within; a pleasurable view outside is a plus!

Top-Quality Furnishings

Window treatments, wooden banisters, quality wood cabinets, railings that match the cabinet, high-end granite countertops, finest curtains and blinds that match the theme of the house, and high-quality furnishings to go with everything else define a luxury home.

Customized Extras

Some of the top real estate agents in Raleigh NC say that a luxury home must have a kitchen fit for a king and a closet fit for a queen. These homes need to have huge closets, which is more like a room itself with lots of lighting and mirrors. 

Outdoor Living Space with a Spectacular View

Luxury homes put as much time and energy in planning the exteriors as they do interiors. The best real estate agents in Raleigh NC offering luxury homes in their listing say that the property is incomplete without an outdoor living space that offers a spectacular view. The outdoor area should be as well equipped as the indoors. 

Exceptional Location

Luxury homes are defined by their exceptional location as well. Most times, luxury homes are found in a well-established, upscale neighborhood or community with serene view and ambiance.

Room for Wine

Real estate agents in Raleigh find clients that define a luxury home to have a wine cellar. A pantry to keep wine is unacceptable while you live in luxury. You either need a cellar or an exclusive room for wine with sophisticated climate control systems. A wine-tasting suite would be an added advantage. 

Additional Amenities

Talk to the best real estate agent Raleigh to find the right luxury home for you with additional amenities such as a personal lift, lobby, an exorbitant bathroom designed for relaxing, a patio or an additional balcony with a view, recreational room with a sports bar, pool table, television, or an indoor swimming pool, or a private infinity swimming pool, a racquetball court, tennis court and more. 

Most of the luxury homes include servant’s chambers with a bathroom facility, which is the common feature of these kinds of homes. Yet, a luxury home is different for different people, and each home differs as per the exceptional taste of the property owner.

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